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Known good radios compatible with M17

Model RX TX Comments
TM-D710 (A/G/GA) ;-) ;-) TX needs to be inverted
TM-V71A ;-) ;-) TX needs to be inverted
Model RX TX Comments
CDM750 :?: :?: Unverified but should be same as CDM1250/1550.
CDM1250 ;-) ;-)
CDM1550 ;-) ;-) Configure codeplug to use “flat audio” available on rear accessory connector.
GM300 ;-) ;-) Demod out is inverted. Adding a 100k resistor is needed for the RX to work. Move jumper JU551 to pos. A.
GM900 :?: :?:
GM1200 ;-) :?: Demod out is not inverted. No HW mod necessary for RX.
Model RX TX
FT-817 ;-) ;-) Tested with STM32-DVM-USB and latest MMVDM firmware using M17Client / M17GUI. No modifications needed.
FT-818 ;-) ;-)
FT-7800 ;-) ;-)
FT-8000 ;-) :?: No modification needed. Use the 9600baud output at the TNC connector.
FT-8900 ;-) ;-)
Model RX TX
IC-706mkIIg ;-) ;-)
Model RX TX Comments
MD380 :?: ;-) TX works with OpenRTX custom firmware.
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